Battle Royale status. The game is mostly done. There’s still some work needs to be done, and surely it takes a lot of time and effort. The areas we are currently actively working on: – Gas optimization and testing: making sure the game never enters a situation where a single key transaction doesn’t fit in a block, no matter how many players play it, or own a single base. Loom doesn’t have transaction fees, but it still has gas and block gas limit. – Mobile UI. The game is meant to be played not only on desktop, but on mobile phones too, and they use separate UI layout. – UI finalization The plans for the presale and the launch. Due to the instability on the crypto market we are shifting the schedule. The thing is, a lot is happening right now, and nobody knows where we will be tomorrow, in a week, or at game launch date. This makes it bad timing for releasing new stuff and setting prices. We strongly believe that launching any part of the game during a turmoil is harmful for the project, so we have to wait for the markets to stabilize and set up the new schedule accordingly. ETH.TOWN ecosystem. After the Battle Royale launch, depending on how successful it is, we’ll get back to developing more games with/around heroes, something we know you are looking forward to Overall ETH.TOWN status. Healthy and working hard. We know the recent market events hit many teams hard on both moral and material levels. Not the case with ETH.TOWN. We are die hard crypto enthusiasts and have strong faith in its capabilities and future.