1) EtherGoo was released by myself in April 2018 as the first ethereum idle game, it was well received by players as they enjoyed the simple art (8bit/pixel kittens) and relatively familiar gameplay (most people have heard of idle/incremental games like Clicker Heroes or Cookie Clicker) For my first crypto project, it did better than expected (with 2000+ players and 370k+ transactions on the contract) and people liked how it balanced it was early on, however after afew months it died down as mass inflation of Goo production hit and it was no longer profitable to play (so everyone moved on and community got quiet) which is not fun however it was a great experience and helped me build a big community which I can hope to use in 2019 for my next sequel games!

— 2) My plan is to continue with the Goo brand and potentially expand across multiple blockchains, I am currently working on a sequel called World War Goo which will be out in January and is similar styled gameplay to original EtherGoo game, but is much slower paced game (less costly transactions) which makes it ideal for Ethereum. I am very excited to release this shortly as I have been working on it for past 3 months. And of course, it has same kitten theme(!) After that? Who knows, I am excited to keep developing dapps (and playing, I love playing dapps!) as well as help expanding the community (through events such as this interview) as it is still very early for cryptogaming, and who knows what big games could be coming around in 2019 and beyond…

— 3) Thanks to everyone who has played EtherGoo this year, and thanks to the other developers in the crypto community for providing me with plenty of hours of fun dapps this year (I started crypto by playing on CryptoKitties myself). Hope you all have a great 2019 (and hope we get another bull run to bring back some more hype/media attention for dapps) be sure to check out World War Goo in January

let me know if those answer