The 6-day presale forBit Empire, the first blockchain SLG Mobile Game in the world, ended on 10 AM, November 28thBeijing Time. For the presale, video game studio Magic Port teamed up with blockchain video game crowdfunding platform DOGI and used low prices and high quality as the game’s selling point, achieving results exceeding expectations. During the presale period, Bit Empire also released a playable demo event, drawing in traditional gaming guilds. In this crypto winter, Bit Empire achieved new breakthroughs on its path to “Covert Mobile Gamers to Blockchain Gamers.”

Starting at Just 30 RMB

November 22nd, 2018 Just 1 hour and 45 minutes after the start of Bit Empire’s presale, all of the high-end promotion gift packs worth 10,000 RMB have been sold out. Most purchases of these packs were from professional investors or different blockchain industry practitioners. However, for the development team, they knew that the most important life or death factor for Bit Empire was whether it would gain traction with traditional mobile gamers. Specifically, whether the “Just 30 RMB” ultra-low-price gift packs would sell out was a key indicator for the success of the presale. The Magic Port team knew it would not be easy selling out the packs, even at such a low price, as most mobile gamers do not own cryptocurrency wallets, nor are they aware of the full story of Bit Empire.

Bold Release of Playable Demo During Presale

The Bit Empire team made a bold decision: 3 days into the presale, BitEmpire launched a “3-day Express Experience Plan” to allow users who have already participated to enjoy a demo of the game. Based on the demo plan, the team also pushed out an invite your friend activity to participants to further push for traction.

Over a thousand players participated in the “Good Game, Good Money Spent” demo with great enthusiasm. During the demo period, there were more than 10 guilds created, 56 wars fought, 128 resource raids carried out, and over 70,000 tokens consumed. Players also gave great feedback regarding the game, based upon which Magic Port simultaneously made improvements, creating a great player-developer communication atmosphere.

The final stats show that this bold move from Bit Empire gave players a personal experience and promoted sales of the 30 RMB gift packs. More than half of the mobile players successfully participated in the presale through help fromother gamers and the developers, without using cryptocurrency wallets.

From this presale, the Bit Empire team also came to the conclusion that for really playable, fun games from a reliable studio, players are willing to participateearly in presales and growing together with the game, forming a base of strong support for further growth and improvements.

Help from Gaming Guilds &the Media

The presale of Bit Empire successfully drawn in multiple gaming guilds and popular figures in the mobile gaming world. Bit Empire was promoted by popular gamer Mr.Crow, as well as many gaming guilds including Litchi Union and YDAPP, driving players to “Wage War for Tokens” together.

Bit Empire’s presale also received great attention from video game medias. Youxiputao, D.CN, Toutiao Gaming, NetEase, GameRes were amongst the many that sharedabout Bit Empire. This exposure not only garnished attention from mobile gamers, it also promoted blockchain games as a whole to traditional video game developers.

Bit Empire’s presale was also reported on by the well-known crypto community 8 BTC, blockchain gaming community Dapdap, as well as by multiple blockchain news platforms

The presale was also supported by Camel Games, a well-known game studio and multiple year winner of the Google Developer of the Year Award. Camel Games’ CEO Yi Lu personally showed his support online, and even Fang Chuyu from the popular series Story of Yanxi Palace put in a good word for Bit Empire.

Closed Testing Starts with High Levels of Anticipation

Even though the blockchain industry is at a low point, Bit Empireshows with its actions that there is no need to fear the crypto winter, as it will be more powerful to break for new grounds, now more than ever.

On November 28th, after the presale was completed, Bit Empire started its closed testing on schedule. After more detailed debugging and further optimization, the game as a whole presented a higher quality experience. Previously, players could only experience the game up to level 10, but now they will be able to fully enjoy all of the gameplay with no restrictions.

Glorious Battlefield, All Out Warfare! Let Us Fight & Plunder Together!

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