CryptoDungeons, a Final Fantasy-esque blockchain RPG, is the latest game to join the TRON (TRX) network via a collaboration with Tron Arcade, the project’s $100 million blockchain gaming fund.

According to the announcementCryptoDungeons was initially developed for the Ethereum (ETH) network but is now being ported onto TRON. The development team now plans to bring their universe, story, and characters to create a separate game on TRON.

CryptoDungeons is built around Heroes, which can be purchased and used to do different activities like gather food, craft in-game items and explore dungeons. There are five different races available in CryptoDungeons, including Angels, Dwards, Elves, Humans and Orcs, in addition to 4 classes: Mages, Priests, Rogues and Warriors.

Like other blockchain games, the units are represented by NFTs and can be purchased directly in the CryptoDungeons store. The better the stats on a Hero, the more scarce it becomes, driving up its real-world value. Similarly, items in the game are represented by NFTs and can be crafted, found in missions, or bought and sold on the Auction House.

Players can party up to take on dungeons and earn rare items and PvP tournaments with TRX prize pools are in the works. The CryptoDungeons TRON game is currently still in development, but the team plans to announce the presale soon.

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