Enjin price rose 200% as Samsung’s new mobile phone is expected to be implanted in Enjin wallet

IT is rumored that the Enjin mobile wallet will be installed on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10, including its new Blockchain Key Store function. The value of Enjin has soared; it has risen from 0.00000958 BTC to 0.00002943 within 24 hours.

which supports the blockchain game better

Ethereum completes Constantinople hard fork, which marks Ethereum’s another step in the direction of a scalable, fast and efficient blockchain.That makes Ethereum’s future processing capacity possible to reach 1 million TPS, andgas fee could be reduced.
In the future, Ethereum will update Casper and will also be compatible with the Plasma/Raiden technology solution. The implementation of these technologies will have better support for blockchain game developers.

ITAM officially joined the dGoods program to enrich its gaming platform diversity

ITAM joined the dGoods program last week after Mythical Games announced the dGoods standard with Scatter and EOS Lynx on January 28th. It is reported that ITAM has been committed to enriching its gaming and mobile platform content. The rapid growth of
EOS-based games and the current game diversity on EOS were the reason to make such decision.

Loom PlasmaChain Staking is Officially Live

Loom announced that PlasmaChain staking for delegators is officially live. That means any LOOM token holder can now become a delegator and support validators in securing PlasmaChain.

“Decentraland” announced cooperation with HTC mobile phone

The DecentralandZoin smart wallet will be built into the HTC EXODUS 1, allowing users to securely store the digital assets of the Decentraland game in their mobile phones with their wallets.

“Cardmaker” Launched its Beta OnFeb 28th, with Minimum 1-Day Retention of 88%

“CardMaker” reopened its server at 16:00 on February 28, 2019. This update added more game content and improved game playability. According to the project leader “The Mage”, this move has dispelled many players’ doubts about the game. The 1-Day Retentionof
the game in recent days also reflected the player’s attitude change. “The Mage” disclosed that even the lowest 1-Day Retention rate was as high as 88% since the launch of the “CardMaker. The team’s next step is to open the second phase of the Maker
system. Project History: “CardMaker” was first developed by “The Mage” in the CGJ Independent Game Development Competition at the beginning of July 2018. On July 23, 2018, “The Mage” won the first prize in the NEO Blockchain Black Horse Race of Shanghai
International Makers Competition, and finally won both the first NEO Blockchain Game International Development Competition Best Game Award and the Most Popular Award on August 31st.

“Neoworld” Island System Started Cooperation With several Public Blockchains

“Neoworld” CMO Liu Renqing stated that in the cold winter of the blockchain game industry, “Neoworld” started its cooperation with several public blockchains via its Island System. On December 25, 2018, the “Neoworld” Island System was officially launched.
The first exclusive “Maritime Continent” was basedthe NEO blockchain. The First Island on the EOS chain – eoslambdacom will be launched at 12:00 on March 8, 2019. “Neoworld” has beenupdating its game weekly, optimizing the game system and developing
new features. According to the official website, this week’s game update will focus on attribute adjustments of the game characters, dock rules adjustments, NEOLAND business building upgrade rules adjustments, NEOLAND renovation rules adjustments
and addition of the residential system.