TonArts enters a strategic cooperation with Ontology; overseas version of “Crypto Throne” to be released at the end of March

TonArts founder Song Yang reported that the overseas version of “Crypto Throne” is undergoing intensive testing and that the English and Korean versions are expected to be available by the end of the month. TonArts has entered into a strategic cooperation with Ontology’s public chain and will be the first to release the newest version of “Crypto Throne”.

MatrixDapp Cooperates with Multiple Public Chains

MatrixDapp CEO Wu Xiao revealed that “Last Trip” will be on the GXChain (Public Chain) starting next week. Another one of their games, the online version of “Evolution”, is currently undergoing debugging on the IOST public chain and may become the first online game on that public chain. 

The second wave of testing for “RealmX” will begin on March 14 at 20:00 (UTC+8)

On March 6, the BlockHop team from Shenzhen announced the dates for the second wave of internal testing. The test is free, but data will not be saved during the test. The internal test will take place from 20:00 (UTC+8) March 14 to 20:00 (UTC+8) March 18. Version 1.2 of “RealmX” will include: a guide function for new players, optimizations to the combat system, map and monster system, and a complete overhaul of the UI Interface.

“NeoWorld” is conducting an EOSLAND land auction

Mai Tian, the Lead Designer at “NeoWorld”, stated that from 12:00 March 8 (SGT), “NeoWorld” is having a week-long EOSLAND land auction event. EOS is the only currency accepted in this event. This is the next effort in achieving a win-win cooperation between game projects and public chains.

NEO GameCon Grand Opening in Akihabara, Tokyo

From March 9 to 10, NEO.Game opened the curtains on its first major event, NEO Gamecon, in Akihabara

Event Highlights:

1.JunYu Zhou, the founder of blockchain game company EasyCheers, introduced their blockchain game “CryptoFast”. In the game, players can use the built-in AR function to take photos of cars that they see. They can then create an almost-exact replica of the car on the platform. The platform also includes DIY car editing tools.

2.Johnson Zhao, General Manager of NEO, took the stage to make an opening speech and unveiled NEO’s plan for 2019; NEO will launch the “Developer’s Guide” program in March and 10 NEO Games in June.

3. BlaCat founder Sean Chen introduced their newest titles. Additionally, the team will launch the “Torch Program” in 2019 to help small and medium-sized teams, and even individual developers, to develop games. The program will include tutorials and game development contests to encourage developers and players to participate in the development of blockchain games.多媒

4. Multimedia Researcher Hiroshi Kurokawa, President of Double Jump Shikawa Jun, Representative of DMM’s President Wynne Ray, Security Manager of LiananHu Hongyu, and the founder of NEO-NEXT Edison, launched a round table discussion on “The Future of Blockchain Games”.

5. Mai Tian, Lead Designer at NEOLAND, displayed their games.

XAYA announces a new game using the Unreal Engine

The XAYA team has been in the blockchain industry since 2013 and was one of the first teams to research the combination of blockchain sand video games. Their new game, dubbed “Project X”, is developed using the Unreal Engine and will be an online multiplayer sandbox game available on PC. Players will be able to choose from three factions, each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

TRON is partnering with USDT, officially introducing USDT into TRON blockchain

TRON and stable coin USDT operator Tether have agreed to cooperate with TRON formally introducing USDT into the ecology. This cooperation will promote the development of TRON’s dApp ecosystem, increase the liquidity of TRON based DEXs (decentralized exchange), make trading more diversified and convenient, and improve the convenience for partners and investors.

Enjin will cooperate with Unity to publish a Blockchain SDK

Unity will release the Blockchain SDK on the AssetStore by March 18. This means that the most powerful blockchain game development platform will soon appear on the world’s largest game engine.

Peck Shield: February hacker attacks on EOS bet game down compared to January

According to data from PeckShield’s Situational Awareness Platform, in February 2019, six bet game were attacked by hackers on EOS public chains, causing developers to lose 28,841.17 EOS. Compared with January, there were fewer hacker attacks in February. The bet game EOS Playstation lost 17,386 EOS due to an issue with a false transfer notification and the 111alpha1111 hacker group successfully made off with 8,546 EOS twice.