The public test version of “HyperSnakes”is expected to be launched simultaneously on multiple top public chains at the end of March.

Blockchain’s first global multiplayer real-time competitive game “HyperSnakes”held internal tests across multiple public chains in March.  Ethereum and TRON players participated in in-depth testing and received generous daily benefits.  Players on the Ontology chain also started a “Coiled Snake” competition.  To encourage participation in the stress test, officials offered ETH or TRX rewards for players who competed six times per day.  “HyperSnakes” is another of MixMarvel’s annual series of Hyper product line aimed at attracting mainstream players into blockchain games through fun gameplay, optimized user experiences, and innovative Layer 2 technology.  The official public test version of “HyperSnakes” will be launched simultaneously around late March and early April across multiple top public chains.

Results for “Card Maker” strategy article contest recently revealed

Card Maker officially announced the winner of their strategy article contest on March 14. Running from March 4 to 11, the contest received a total of 16 entries. The winner, “A quick-start guide to Card Maker: Price-to-Performance”written by Qun Yang,was the sixth most popular article on BiHuon on the day of its release with 230 likes.

“NeoWorld” tested “Battlefield Mode”on March 16 and will open EOSLAND’s first island on March 21

“NeoWorld” launched the instance system test for “BattleField Mode” on March 16. Users can design personalized game scenarios based on “Battlefield Mode” and their own created levels.  This mode is still in the testing phase and the experience and functionality will continue to be optimized and iterated.

Also announced on the same day of March 21, EOSLAND’s first island, named

Eoslambdacom, and operated by the eoslambdacom node, will be officially opened. EOSLAND will be a group of 21 islands in the NeoWorld virtual world, each operated by an EOS node and providing an initial mining pool.

March 15, GXChain launched leading Dapp “Last Trip”

GXChain launched the its leading Dapp “Last Trip” at 18:00 today, adding it into BlockCity. “Last Trip” has been developed for the Ethereum, TRON, and Nebulas chains and has won many awards. Wu Xiao, the CEO of MatrixDapp, is officially developing the Dapp based on the GXChain.

Mythical Games displays UGC content and customized gameplay

At the SXSW Gaming event on March 16, the production team for “Blankos Block Party”, Mythical Games, showcased the latest game videos and introduced UGC content and customized gameplay.  DOGIgames has published an exclusive details introduction of the game play with a video clip.    

Key sales for the founding partners of “Neon District” will begin on March 26

As of March 16, the number of registered Neon District’s private Founder’s Sale has exceeded 12,000 in just about two weeks.   The public sales will begin on March 26.

“MLB Crypto Baseball” is preparing for the 2019 season

“MLB Crypto Baseball”was successfully launched on September 7, 2018 and is now preparing for the 2019 season.  Developer Lucid Sight has achieved strong results with an estimated transaction volume of 1.1 million USD last season.

Announcement from Enjin team: Blockchain SDK was launched at 6:00 (SGT) on March 15

At 6:00 on March 15 (SGT), the Enjin team tweeted: The Enjin blockchain SDK has been launched on the Unity Asset Store! We are excited to bring this powerful blockchain game development platform to 4.5 million Unity game developers.

TRON and Cocos-BCX are jointly along with Steel Media in organizing the“Next Blockchain Game Conference” taking place March 19 in San Francisco, during the GDC week.

On March 19, TRON, Cocos-BCX and SteelMedia will jointly offer the “Next Blockchain Game Conference” in San Francisco, a perfect timing during the largest global game conference of GDC week. This blockchain game summit will explore the current state of blockchain games and opportunities in the industry and bring together blockchain developers and platform partners. The conference will have a free half-day event that provides a relaxed environment for blockchain game developers, platforms, tool developers, investors, media and other interested parties to discuss key issues, trends and opportunities.

Forte and Ripple will invest $100 million USD in blockchain game developers

According to the latest report from VentureBeat, the newly established blockchain gaming fund announced an agreement with Ripple’s Xpring to invest  USD$100 million in game developers who make games based on blockchain technology. The funds, managed by Forte, are targeting game developers with more than 50,000 active daily users and are fully embracing the blockchain technology to create new game designs and drive business growth.

Alert from Beosin: was targeted and damaged by a hacker.

On March 16 between 15:27 and 15:46 China time,  Besoin’s Security Situational Awareness System Beosin-Eagle Eye detected that hacker “justjiezhan1” had launched an attack and profited on EOS bet game .

Coin Security Reminder: Game contract developers should put great effort towards validating the rigor of their game logic and security of their code. Before putting it on the chain, perform a thorough audit of the code to prevent future problems.