Neoworld Officially Opens EOSLAND On March 21

EOSLAND was officially opened on March 21, 16:00 (UTC+8). From March 21, 16:00 to March 24, 16:00, the “Pomelo Battles” will take place every night from 19:30 – 20:00. Players will be able to harvest pomelos from pomelo trees that appear randomly on the islands and put them into designated areas to obtain materials.


 “Cardmaker” And LianYuYu Cooperate to Release the “Dispel” Functionality.

On March 14 (UTC+8) the first official combination between game content and brand publicity took place. This industry ecosystem cooperation was realized with the inclusion of the “DAPPX Giant Mantis Shrimp” card with the “Penetrate” ability. This trend continues with the March 21 update, which will add the exclusive “LianYuYu” card featuring the “Dispel” ability. LianYuYu is a blockchain media group.

According to the producer, “Mage”, there will be more cooperation like this in the future.


RealmX Has Completed Its 2nd Round Of Testing And Is Expected To Start the 3rd Round in April.

 “RealmX “ conducted a five-day internal test from March 14, 20:00 to March 18, 20:00 (UTC+8). This test  mainly targets the  traditional gamers aged from 90s generation and on.  After the test, the developers received volume of valuable optimization suggestions and held a small-scale player exchange and sharing meetup at Shenzhen University on March 21. The developers disclosed that the third test will be launched in April, targeting to fans of sandbox games.  The overseas version may be launched around the same time.


“HyperDragons” Announces New Battle Features

On March 22 (UTC+8), the HyperDragons team announced a new feature – players can now participate in the weekly HyperDragons Go competition.  Unlike time-limited competitions, players can participate every Monday. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of dragons that can take part in the event.[1]



“Crypt Throne” Launches Multi-public-chain Connection

According to the developers of “Crypto Throne”, the team will soon connect to mainstream public chains and the Dapp platform to construct a new cross-chain game format. The first phase has already been launched, linking to main chains including ETH, Ontologo, and NEO.


“Axie Infinite” and “Crypt-Oink” will Cooperate to Release a New NFT

On March 22nd (UTC+8), the “Axie Infinity” team announced a partnership with the “Crypt-Oink” team to provide Axie holders with a unique “AxTon” opportunity. This is free for players with Axie, but only 250 are in circulation, so players will need to move quickly. According to the team, these AxTons will be available from March 22 to March 28.


Blockchain MMO “Asteroid Rush” Opens Pre-sale

Blockchain strategy MMO game “Asteroid Rush” is currently holding its pre-sale with the Legendary Founders Pack at a 50% discount. In “Asteroid Rush” players can recruit a crew to develop and mine the resources of an asteroid belt and mining area and engage in PVP battles!


The “CryptoKitties” Team will Release A New Game in April

On March 19, Micky Maher, the Head of Revenue of “CryptoKitties”, revealed that Dapper Labs will be releasing their next game in late April. It is in stealth mode.  The company will release updates on their official site.


Loom’s Cross-chain Ambition: Bridging Ethereum, TRON, and EOS

On March 20, 9:13 (UTC+8), Loom Network announced on Twitter that they will integrate TRON and EOS into PlasmaChain and establish cross-chain cooperation with Ethereum, EOS, and TRON, making blockchain interoperability a reality!

This will be a great boom to developers as they will be able to port Dapps on three chains at the same time in the future.

Tips: Loom Network is based on the Ethereum’s blockchain application platform, and PlasmaChain is its blockchain expansion technology. Loom Network’s DPoS sidechain allows for truly scalable blockchain games and DApps with Ethereum’s mainnet security to be developed on their platform. It is analogous to Ethereum’s EOS.


Enjin Introduced [3] Its Blockchain Game Ecosystem Platform at GDC

Enjin gave two speeches at GDC, “Blockchain Game Development and ERC-1155” and “Live Demo: Developing Ethereum Games with the Enjin Platform” on March 21, 11:30-12:30 and 16:00-17:00 (UTC). They introduced the Enjin platform, wallet, and browser and demoed developing an Ethereum game on the Enjin platform.


Cocos-BCX Announced Open-source Code at the Blockchain Games Next Summit on March 19

On March 19 at 13:30 (UTC), Blockchain Games Next, co-organized by TRON, Cocos and SteelMedia, brought together blockchain game explorers from all over the world, including game development teams, public chains, game engines, distribution companies, and investment institutions. DOGIgames delivered an exclusive live cast and special report:”GDC: A Spring Outing for Blockchain Games”