FishChain’s Elastos Supernode Golden Fish Auction Successfully Concludes

The auction raised a total of 5279ELA. 5000ELA will go toward the node election pledge, and the remaining 279ELA will go directly to the ELA mining pool.  If a node is successfully elected, all revenue received by that node annually will be added to the game mining pool to ensure the long-term longevity of the game. The 25 ELAFISH Startups that purchased the golden fish will also be entitled to share in 10% of the game’s ELA revenue as a long-term return.

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Card Maker Launches the Bancor Pilot Program

On April 4, “Card Maker”officially announced that on April 11, 16:00  – 18:00 (GMT+8), they will be launching the Bancor pilot program.

Specific Details: The Connection Weight is set as 7.5% and the initial pledge is set as 7.5 ETH with the cycle pledge set as 67.5 ETH. The initial supply will be set to 150 million with a lower limit of 0 and an upper limit of 250 million. If the supply reaches the lower limit, then it can not be cashed out on Bancor and can only be purchased. If the supply reaches the upper limit, then it cannot be purchased using Bancor and can only be cashed out.

Note: Bancor is a formula used for fast, automatically trade matching. When many purchases are occurring, then the price is high; when there are fewer purchases, then the price is low.

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Paypal Invests in Cambridge Blockchain

On April 2, 10:55 (GMT+8), start-up Cambridge Blockchain, developers of Digital ID technology, received an investment from Paypal. Investors of Cambridge Blockchain include: HCM Capital, Partech, Future\Perfect Ventures, Digital Currency Group, and Omidyar Network’s Flourish. With this investment, Paypal will be one of the first payment companies to adopt decentralized digital identification technology.

Animoca Brands Acquires German Sports Game Company Stryking for 2 Million Euros

On April 4, Animoca Brands announced on their website that they had acquired a 100% stake in the operator of “Football-Stars” Stryking for 2 million Euros (approximately 15 million RMB). Stryking has an official license from top German football league Bundesliga and has the rights to use the team logos and player images.

Animoca Brands paid the first 1 million Euros in stock and will pay the remaining 1 million in cash or stock once Stryking completes specific conditions. Stryking is the third blockchain game company invested in by Animoca Brands following Dapper Labs, developer of “CryptoKitties”, and Pixowl, the developer of “The Sandbox”.

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Zombie Battleground – Nearly 8,000 cards Have Been Sold Since Launch

On April 5, 13:00 (ET), “Zombie Battleground” announced that they have already sold 7911 cards, the most of expensive of which is the limited edition Icicle card, which sells for .6ETH (approximately 100 USD).

“Zombie Battleground” is a blockchain trading card game, developed and operated by the sidechain team Loom Network.

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Lucid Sight Raises $6 Million USD to Bring Blockchain Games to Traditional Platforms

Lucid Sight has announced that they have received 6 million USD in funding which will go toward bringing two of its blockchain games, “MLB” and “Crypto Space Commander”  to traditional game platforms.

Los Angeles-based Lucid Sight has raised $11 million (including this round of financing) to drive business growth for its digital game company. The company will also launch the Scarcity Engine, a software development engine, that will help bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional gaming platforms.

Lucid Sight aims to solve the difficulties of integrating blockchain games with traditional games by improving blockchain game functionality and actively bringing blockchain games to mobile, PC and console platforms. The funding will be used to launch the Scarcity Engine in the future.

The Scarcity Engine is the technology that powers “MLB”and “Crypto Space Commander”

Investors include Salem Partners, The Galaxy EOS VC Fund, Digital Currency Group, Breakaway Growth, Frontier Venture Capital, and Animoca Brands. Existing shareholders include Major League Baseball (MLB), Rana Capital Partners, Los Angeles Lakers VP Research & Development Joey Buss, and AppOnboard Founder and mobile game industry pioneer Jonathan Zweig.

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In April, “The Sandbox” Launched the Marketplace and Voxel Modeling Software

Marketplace is an NFT asset exchange which has two important functions. The first function is to convert the voxel game assets into NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) called ASSETS. The second function is to promote the concept of blockchain to ordinary players as the market is a non-fiat trading environment. The Marketplace is a fully open market that allows free trading of in-game NFT assets between users on different platforms. Moreover, Marketplace uses a dual smart contract to support the NFT tokens ERC-721/ERC-1155.

On December 14, 2018, the 2 million USD Creator Fund was announced to encourage players to make creations in “The Sandbox”. The fund currently has had 500 applications, is working with 65 artists, and has nearly 1,500 assets.

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AltDex Launches the World’s First Blockchain Game Index

On April 4, 10:58 (ET), Tom Stankewicz, co-founder of AltDex, introduced the cryptocurrency index which offers a benchmarking index for blockchain games. At present it has the data for 13 blockchain projects and their respective weightings.

Theta Token( THETA) – 131 Million USD – 27.2%

Enjin Coin( ENJ) – 128 Million USD – 26.6%

WAX( WAX) – 58 Million USD – 12.2%

Decentraland( MANA) –  51 Million USD – 10.6%

Kin( KIN) – 3460万美元 – 7.2% 34.6 Million USD

LOOM Network( LOOM) – 27.4 Million USD – 5.7%

MobileGO( MGO) – 13.05 Million USD – 2.7%

DMarket( DMT) – 11.5 Million USD – 2.4%

Refereum( RFR) – 7.2 Million USD – 1.5%

GameCredits( GAME) – 6.9 Million USD – 1.4%

Unikoin Gold( UKG) – 4.8 Million USD – 1%

Plair( PLA) – 4.2 Million USD – 0.9%

BitGuild( PLAT) – 2.9 Million USD – 0.6%

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