“CardMaker”holds the Full Moon launch event and announces plans to launch on Steam

On March 28 (GMT+8), the developers of “CardMarker” held the Full Moon launch event, and released an official response as to whether they would open a marketplace – after careful consideration, they have determined that the current environment is not yet suitable. They also revealed that they plan to launch “CardMaker” on Steam, and will continuously add new content, enhance the artwork, improve user friendliness, and add other optimizations to the game.

Official site: https://www.cardmaker.io

 “FishChain” explores an innovative cooperation model between public chains and blockchain games

On March 27 (GMT+8), “FishChain” announced that the election also came to cloud DPoS supernode.  The 5000 ELA deposit for this election will come from 25 commemorative high-value golden ELA-node fish offered to players and community members. Once the election is successfully concluded, the DPoS supernodes elected each year will be entered into the ELA pool to distribute and encourage game users. Those who purchase one of the offered fish will be one of the “25 Founders” who will share the ELA benefits from future game content. The auction will begin on April 2, 22:00 (GMT+8).

It was also reported that NEOFISH, the result of the cooperation between “FishChain” and NEO’s gaming ecosystem will gradually be unveiled. The co-founder and CEO of “FishChain” will attend the Beijing stage of NEO JOY 2019 hosted by NEO. NEOFISH will officially launch its Facebook platform in June and show its unique charm to 2.2 billion gamers worldwide.

Official site:  https://fishchain.io/

Dark horse title “TronRaider”enters the top 5 for daily trading volume and number of transactions on Tron

“TronRaider”, a fantasy game about fighting monsters, has recently had some outstanding achievements, becoming one of the top 5 DApps in terms of daily trading volume and number of transactions on Tron. Relying solely on word-of-mouth, “TronRaider” is becoming an impressive example for the industry. It was  also reported that TronRaider highly anticipated fantasy title, BASH,  will be launched in the near future. Its data is expected to continue to rise.

Official site:https://www.tronraider.io/

MANA’s price rises as it launches on Upbit, South Korea’s largest digital currency exchange

On March 28 (GMT+8) the MANA/KRW trading pair was added to the largest digital currency exchange in Korea, Upbit. Starting from 14:00, MANA’s price increased by 41.17%, reaching $0.07052076.

Official site: https://decentraland.org/

Game developer Animoca Brands cooperates with F1 to develop a blockchain game

On March 25 (GMT+8) game developer Animoca Brands wrote on Twitter that it will develop the racing blockchain game “F1 Delta Time” in cooperation with Formula F1 Racing (F1). The game’s NFT (non-fungible token) will be officially launched on May 10.

The team hopes that this cooperation with the highly popular sports brand will help to promote the public’s awareness of blockchain.

Official site: https://www.animocabrands.com/

Japanese game developer Gianty launches browser game”World of Cryptia”

According to Blockchaingamer.biz, this week Gianty announced that it will launch its Ethereum-based blockchain browser game “World of Cryptia”, a fantasy and role-playing type in which players can use purchased heroes to adventure for and acquire resources. Assets can be traded freely.

Tips: Gianty is a Japanese game company founded in 2001. They have developed a variety of games, many of which are RPGs, including “Devil’s Night – Soul[1] “, “UUUM”, and “GOKEN”.

Official site: https://www.worldofcryptia.com/

The MBL 2019 season officially opens along with a Virtual Figure Wallet that does not require MetaMask

The “MLB Crypto Baseball” team, which was named one of the top ten most anticipated games by Blockchaingamer.biz, was officially renamed “MLBChampions” on March 18.

Additionally, the 2019 season officially kicked off on March 25, introducing the Virtual Figure Wallet (VFW), which allows users who don’t use ETH for purchases to own, and trade MLBC tokens without the need for MetaMask or an Ethereum wallet.

Official site: https://www.mlbcryptobaseball.com/

LOOM: 10 million new locked position, the total number of locked positions exceeds 18% of the total liquidity

On March 25 at 19:00 (GMT+8), LOOM Network officially announced that, after their announcement on March 20 stating that they will integrate TRON and EOS into the PlasmaChain side chain, allowing developers to simultaneously publish DApps for users on three public chains, within 5 days, 10 million new locked positions were made for LOOM, and the total number of locked positions reached 121 million LOOM, exceeding 18% of the total liquidity.

On March 28, hillybillcrypto announced on Twitter the 18 blockchain projects cooperating with LOOM. DOGIgames is the exclusive translator of these 18 games.

Official site: https://loomx.io/

IOST mainnet users breaks through 75,000, with new users increasing by 15,000 in just 24 hours

On March 31, 20:00 (GMT+8), IOST founder Jimmy Zhong posted on Twitter that there are now 75,830 IOST mainnet users, new users increased by 15,000 within 24 hours, and an average of 625 wallets were created every hour. On the network, there were nearly 20 million online transactions.

On March 27, IOST’s first sandbox game “Cell Evolution” (official website: http://www.matrixdapp.com/) was officially launched. IOST community members can experience this DApp through the plug-in wallet. Additionally, the developer of one of the top three DApps on EOS public chain, “Unlimited Tower” (official website: https://www.unlimitedtower.com/), announced that it has reached an agreement to launch the game on IOST.

Official site: https://iost.io/

Enjin’s Blockchain SDK displayed for the first time in a blockchain game, allows for the direct purchase of game items

On March 25, 7:00 (GMT+8), the “Age of Rust” team released a video on Twitter showing game items being purchased using Enjin’s mobile wallet. They stated that by using Enjin’s Blockchain SDK to implement game item purchases, players do not need to enter their Ethereum address for verification. Simple, fast and effective – the future of blockchain games was shown in this first display of Enjin’s Blockchain SDK.

Official site::https://enjin.io/

Cocos-BCX Terminal was released on the test network, and the China Tour – Beijing was held on March 29.

On March 26, Cocos-BCX announced on Medium that the Cocos-BCX Terminal was released on the test network. At present, it is a simplified version of the development tool backend, integrating the network wallet, blockchain monitor, DApp store, item trading platform, and more. They also released a tutorial video for developers.

The first stop of the 2019 Cocos China Tour was held in Beijing on March 29. At the event, Cocos released two new products: Cocos3D, which is mainly used to make semi-casual 3D games and the 1808 NFT standard, which is closely related to the Cocos-BCX platform.

Official site: https://www.cocosbcx.io/