Tencent’s “Let’s Hunt Monsters”  Open Beta Test Opens

On April 11 (UTC+8), Tencent’s “Let’s Hunt Monsters” Open Beta Test officially opened. Data from the test will not be deleted. The game originally debuted on April 23, 2018 at the 2018 Tencent Neo-Culture Creativity Conference, UP2018. After a year of development, the game, which incorporates raising, collection, dress-up, competition, strategy, community, outdoors, sports, exploration, and geography, is ready to be plaed. The game also includes pet cats, adding blockchain elements to the game, and can launch promotions with other companies. At this time, the blockchain is simply a private chain run by Tencent and does not have transaction or query functions; however, according to a game official, Jose, the next version will add the query function.

Official Website: https://zhuoyao.qq.com

“NEOWORLD” joins the IOST node election with IOSTLAND

Recently, sandbox blockchain game “NEOWORLD” has joined the IOST node election with its node named “IOSTLAND”. What changes to the blockchain world will this cooperation between the increasingly prominent IOST public chain and the popular “NEOWORLD” bring? Let’s wait and see.

Official Website: https://www.neoworld.io/

Animoca Brands to acquire Hong Kong mobile game developer Skytree

On April 12 at 13:13 (UTC+8), Animoca Brands announced on Twitter that it will acquire a 75% stake in Skytree for $850,000 USD to be paid half in cash and half in Animoca shares. The deal is expected to complete on June 3, 2019.

This investment is Animoca Brand’s fourth investment into a blockchain company following Dapper Labs, creators of “CryptoKitties”; Pixowl, developer of “The Sandbox”; and Stryking, operator of German sports game “Football-Stars”.

Official Website: https://www.animocabrands.com/

EnjinX Update: Now Supports Browsing and Querying of ERC-1155 Blockchain Assets

On April 11, Simon Kertonegoro, Vice President of Marketing at Enjin, revealed several major updates to EnjinX on Medium:

  1. EnjinX Blockchain Browser Update Summary: Browse the world for Ethereum-based ERC-1155 blockchain assets and collectibles; Search for assets and collections by name, address, and token ID; Verify token ownership, rarity, provenance, and authenticity.
  • The ERC-1155 chain has 1500 types of assets with a total value of 7,429,282 ENJ ($1,025,983.84 USD).

Official Website: https://enjin.io/

Tron version of “ChibiFighters” to be released on May 4

 “ChibiFighters” announced that they will be postponing the TRON version of the game until May 4. The reasons given for the delay are game optimizations and to launch a “Welcome Package”. There will also be a “Chibi Dividend Token”, which are a limited resource used to acquire dividends from the game. [3] 

“ChibiFighters” is an always available warrior game on the Ethereum blockchain (Irreplaceable [4] ERC721 token). Players can collect chibi warriors and fight for rankings, ETH, and glory!

Official Website: https://eth.chibifighters.io/

CryptoSpells Released an Open Beta Test on April 11, Introduces an All-new Mining System

CryptoSpells, developed by Japanese developer CryptoGames Co., Ltd., is an HTML5 game that uses blockchain technology. They launched a Beta version on April 11 which introduces a new mining system. Players can now earn “combat points” through PvP battles which can be used to obtain “mining tickets” to mine new cards.

Official Website: https://cryptospells.jp/