About Us

DOGIgames.com is an extension from DOGI.io which is a platform focused on hosting the crypto games that use decentralized blockchain technology in their token economics to share the ownership of digital game assets with the players.

DOGIgames provides a wider range of information of all things pertinent to blockchain games globally. It fills a void among many blockchain media sites by focusing on only directly related to the blockchain games and any technologies of tools, and marketing that can help game developers and players to get broader spectrum of one of the most important sectors within the verticals of overall blockchain space.

We plan to bridge information, news, and overall landscape and global events related to blockchain games b/w the vibrant western world and the extremely active China market and other Asia regions.

Visit DOGIgames.com for English and DOGIgames.com/cn for Chinese version.

About DOGI.io

DOGI.io is a platform to host crypto games, to help game developers on pre-sales, distribution and marketing initially in CN markets, and will assist fund-raising via reach-out among CN and Silicon Valley capitals as well.