July 25, 2019, Beijing, China –  DOGIgames announces its being chosen as a media partner in the upcoming online hackathon by Cheeze Wizards. 

Cheeze Wizards is the new battle royale blockchain game created by the makers of CryptoKitties of Dapper Labs, based in Vancouver, Canada.    Today’s announcement of the prized online hackathon is hosted on Coinlist that will lead up to its first official tournament.  

DOGIgames will feature a specific channel designated to Cheeze Wizards to bring every news, including time, date, rules, events and big prizes plus ideas sharing with the Chinese audience, in the real-time manner.  

This partnership will broaden this new game Cheeze Wizards and the underlining highly improved and optimized blockchain technologies and infrastructure developed by the team behind global phenomenon of the most well-known crypto game CryptoKitties, to reach out to the vast Chinese viewership and player base, via various China specific social media channels including the widely popular Wechat platform.  

Benny Giang of Dapper Labs says: “We are very glad to have DOGIgames on board.”.  

Shirley Lin, co-founder of DOGIgames says: “Our team is very excited to work with Cheeze Wizards team to bring it to the China market.  We can apply our experiences in assisting other blockchain projects in organizing hackathon, launching marketing and community campaigns, in tournament and pre-sales.  With the strong brand recognition of CryptoKitties, the players have been waiting to see another sophisticated game that allows sustainable playability with faster response time.  

We firmly believe that the blockchain games are geared to reach mass adaption in the not too far future as in the same evolution path as the mobile gaming.”

About Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs is the company behind CryptoKitties and Cheeze Wizards. Formed in February 2018, Dapper Labs was spun out of Axiom Zen to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to billions of consumers through the power of play, fairness and true ownership. Notable investors in Dapper Labs include Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, Venrock, Alphabet’s GV (formerly known as Google Ventures), and the founders of Dreamworks, Reddit, Coinbase, Zynga, and AngelList, among others.

Please check out the hackathon detail and sign-up here –

About DOGIgames

DOGIgames is founded in 2018.  It is a content-centric media portal with keen focus on the vertical in the blockchain game sector.  It produces daily news flash with high quality original content or best translation of western media on reporting global news on blockchain games or analyzing various games with deep understanding as player and as analyst.  Its key market of viewership is in China currently.  

DOGIgames is registered in Estonia, with the core team based in Beijing, ShangHai and San Francisco.    

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